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CodaBar Bar Codes
Codabar is used for ID cards, by blood banks and some package delivery carriers. This set of TrueType and Type 1 fonts lets you create Codabar bar codes from within any application and print to any printer. Codabar bar codes are digits-only. All you have to do is add the start and stop before before and after your string, and then format it all in our font.
  • A Codabar bar code is on this FedEx shipping form

Code 128 Bar Codes
Creates the Code 128 bar codes used for labels, shipping forms, or other needs. Code 128 bar codes are compact and include a check digit for error correction. They are your best choice when space is at a premium.
  • Code 128 is part of this UPS shipping form
UPC Tools
UPCTools creates the bar codes used on items destined to be scanned at the retail checkout line. Bar codes for food packages, magazines and book covers, CDs, or for package design can all be created with UPCTools in minutes.
  • Compatible with Win98, Win95, WinNT, Win3.x, and the Macintosh
Code 39
Creates Code 39 (Code 3 of 9) bar code symbols, the most popular bar code for inventory, tracking, and labeling purposes. C39Tools makes creating ID cards, labels, or forms as simple as changing fonts.
The Code 39 character set includes both letters and numbers. Symbols can be printed in a wide variety of sizes. You can also create the lower 128 ASCII characters.
POS Tools
POSTools creates the POSTNET bar codes used for ZIP codes on US mail, including: 5-digit ZIP codes, ZIP+4 codes, and 11-digit Delivery Point Barcodes. We also supply the FIM bars
  • Compatible with Win98, Win95, WinNT, Win3.x, and the Macintosh

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