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BUMPY BAR CODES Zero Contrast Readers

Data ID Marking Solution

Application: Harsh Environment Marking.

Problem: Mark manufacturing tool to withstand bead blast and chemical processing. Less than one part per million contamination, due to marking method, in high-vacuum chamber.

Solution: Use Zero-Contrast Marking Technology.

  1. Mark each tool using numerical control milling machine.
  2. Integrate identification marking as part of the manufacturing process.
  3. Since mark is engraved into actual part--no contamination.
  4. Mark lasts as long as the life of the original part--regardless of blasting, etching, etc.


How does is work?
Bumpy bar code scanners work by first illuminating the bar code target. The light displaced by the laser hitting the raised or bumpy bar codes is then captured by a two-dimensional CCD array that detects differences in height.
This CCD array is located in the base of the scanner. The scanner can accurately measure the bar code because the height differences of the raised code result in a displacement of the light in the CCD imager. Once captured, the reflected image is then digitized and processed by an onboard Digital Signal Processor chip. The DSP chip computes the widths of the bars and spaces and then decodes them against any symbology.

Plus, the bumpy bar code scanner can read most existing printed bar code symbologies. Many times, simply replacing an existing laser scanner is all that's required.

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