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Imager OCRsl
Single Line OCR Software for Digital Cameras


Imager OCRsl is OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software designed specifically to enable digital cameras to read a single line of characters and bar codes. Manufacturers of hand held digital cameras for data collection purposes have cooperated with Caere to accommodate the integration of Imager OCRsl software. Imager OCRsl operates on the camera's built-in 32-bit processor. Caere compliant digital cameras have a variety of optics, aiming, and light sources to handle diverse applications. Imager OCRsl also includes a special version of the Caere wedge that can interface the camera's output to nearly any PC or terminal and can be programmed to fit the OCR output to any database screen.




E-13B (MICR):
Over 450 computers and terminals supported.
Preamble, Postamble
Intermessage Delay
Intercharacter Delay
Data Suppression
Data Insertion
Input Field Validation
Character Move
Character Translate
Type Code Change
Start/Stop Instruction
Output Formatting
On-screen Programming
Field Accumulation
Check Digit Verify
Custom Multiplier
Audible/Visual Alert
Cursor Move
Many, many, more.
Automatic three-dimensional de-skew
Lens and lighting options on cameras support a wide range of applications such as reading very large or very small markings

OCR Advantages






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