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IMAGETEAM 3800PDF Linear Imager

The IMAGETEAM 3800PDF delivers fast, accurate
reading of PDF417, as well as all standard linear
symbologies. Specially designed hardware and firmware
are optimized and combined with a bright, sharp, aiming
line for exceptional performance in any environment. The
PDF label is read by sweeping the scanner up or down
over the code, quickly gathering, decoding, and
outputting the data to the host system. The IT3800PDF
offers a full five year warranty, and is an excellent choice
for office and postal automation, supply chain
management, and vehicle registration applications.



  • Unique Optical System
  • Solid, Rugged Design
  • Powerful, Flexible Architecture
  • Enhanced Decode Algorithms and Optics
  • Industry Leading PDF417 Decoding



  • Enhanced depth-of-field easily covers the full range of hand held scanning uses in point- of -sale and general purpose scanning applications
  • No moving parts and solid construction outside deliver years of reliable service in demanding work environments
  • Connects and interfaces to all major PCs, commercial and retail DOS terminals easily and quickly with Windows®-based programming tools or bar code programming menus.
  • Reads "real-world" bar codes with printer induced bar space variation, fading, short quiet zones, low contrast, dot matrix printing, and multi-part forms
  • Fast, acccurate, economical PDF417 data capture
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