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Intermec Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure


Intermec uses the British Standards Institute’s standard number PD2000-1, A Definition of Year 2000 Conformity Requirements, as its measure of Year 2000 compliance. PD2000-1 states: Year 2000 conformity shall mean that neither performance nor functionality is affected by dates prior to, during and after the year 2000. In particular:

Further to this Rule 4, the below text is reproduced from the NIST, Gaithersburg, Maryland:

The algorithm is this: a year is a Leap year if it is divisible by 4 with no remainder and is also divisible by 100 but with a remainder. Even if this first part is true, if the year is further divisible by 400 with no remainder, it is a Leap year. The following shows a pseudocode specification of the algorithm:

Given a year, Y, and a function, MOD(Y,n) that returns the remainder of Y divided by n, then—

Leap Year = false;

if ((MOD(Y,4) == 0) and (MOD(Y,100) <> 0)) Leap Year = true;

if (MOD(Y,400) == 0) Leap Year = true


If Y = 1900, then MOD(1900,4) == 0, but MOD(1900,100) == 0, therefore, Leap Year = false.

If Y = 1996, then MOD(1996,4) == 0, and MOD(1996,100) ==96, and Leap Year = true.

If Y = 2000, then MOD(2000,4) == 0, and MOD(2000,100) == 0, but MOD(2000,400) == 0, so Leap Year = true

From this, one can ascertain that the year 2000 is a Leap year, but that 1900 was not a Leap year.

An even simpler statement of the pseudocode results in a single statement that is a little more difficult to follow:

if (((MOD(Y,4) == 0) and (MOD(Y,100) <> 0)) or (MOD(Y,400) == 0)) Leap Year = true else Leap year = false.

Statements contained herein are Year 2000 Readiness Disclosure Statements under the Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act.

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