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Metrologic Year 2000 Compliance Statement

Date: April 6, 1998
To: Year 2000 Compliance Coordinator
From: Metrologic Marketing
Re: Metrologic bar code scanners and Year 2000 compatibility

The firmware inside Metrologic's family of bar code scanners will execute the transition to the year 2000 without any unforeseen abnormalities. The reason is quite simple: the firmware inside these products does not know what year it is, and therefore does nothing differently based on the time or date.

The host device to which a Metrologic scanner is connected may or may not be affected by the year 2000, but this is beyond the scope of the scanner's control. In no case does the scanner communicate date and time information to the host system.

Metrologic thanks you for your patronage and wishes you a successful Year 2000 migration.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us at : 408-354-7733.


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