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Data ID Systems Equipment Rental Agreement

Name: ______________________________________________ Phone: _____________________________

Company: ___________________________________________ Fax: ________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________________


Signature: _______________________________________________ Date: ___________________________

Latest Date Equipment can arrive: ________________________ Return shipment date: _________________________

Security Deposit Amount: $ _________________ (select one option from table below) A Security Deposit is required with every rental package.

Check will be mailed prior to delivery or pick-up C.O.D. Delivery Credit Card

Credit Card: AX / MC / VS (circle one) _______ _______________________________ Exp. ______________ Security Code__________

Qty Needed Description Memory

1. EQUIPMENT: The bar code Equipment, which includes specified peripherals and supplies, does not belong to the Renter, but is delivered to the Renter for rental purposes only, and is in good operating condition. THERE IS NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE OF ANY EQUIPMENT COVERED BY THIS AGREEMENT.

2. EQUIPMENT RETURN: Renter will return the Equipment in the same good operating condition to Data ID. Return shipment will be made on or before the agreed return date.

3. LATE RETURN: Renter is liable for additional rental charges for any additional period the Equipment is kept beyond the return date. Return date is the date equipment is received by Data ID.


A. Renter is responsible, upon receipt of the Equipment, for all loss and damage to the Equipment plus any related expenses, until the Equipment is received by Data ID, regardless of fault.

B. THEFT OR TOTAL LOSS OF EQUIPMENT: In the event of theft or damage caused by abuse to the Equipment which renders it commercially unacceptable, Renter will forfeit the security deposit and pay Data ID 50% of the current list price of all equipment. Renter agrees that any Equipment sustaining over $500.00 of damage will be deemed commercially unacceptable for the purposes of this paragraph. Any Equipment not returned for a period in excess of 30 days will also be deemed a total loss.

5. DAMAGE AND REPAIR: Renter will not use the Equipment if it is damaged or in need of repair and will be responsible for all damage to the Equipment resulting from abuse. Renter will not permit any repairs to the Equipment, or replacement of any part of the Equipment, without the prior consent of Data ID. Renter will pay for all unauthorized repairs and replacement parts, as well as the cost of restoring any unauthorized alterations.


A. Renter will pay on demand all charges due under this agreement.

B. All charges are subject to a final audit, and if an error is found, either party shall promptly pay or credit the other, as appropriate, to correct the error.

C. If the Renter has indicated that someone else or that some company will pay for the charges due under this Agreement and payment is not made, Renter will pay upon demand.

D. Renter consents to the reservation of credit, by a credit card issuer, up to the amount of the estimated charges due under this agreement. Renter authorizes Data ID to process a credit card voucher, if applicable, in Renter's name for all charges due under this agreement.

E. Renter will pay interest at the highest rate permitted by law on any past due charges and will also pay any collection costs, including reasonable attorney's fees, if all charges are not paid when due.

F. Refunds from the security deposit will be mailed back within 7 calendar days of receipt of returned equipment.

7. RENTER'S INDEPENDENT STATUS: Renter is not the agent or authorized representative of Data ID.

8. MISCELLANEOUS: Data ID shall have no liability for any indirect, special, or consequential damages arising in connection with the furnishing, performance, or use of the Equipment, or for any claim based upon the failure to honor an Equipment reservation requested by the Renter.

9. CHANGES TO THIS AGREEMENT: Changes to this Agreement are effective only if in writing and signed or initialed by both Data ID and Renter.

By signing above, I agree to all the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Fax to Data ID Systems 408-354-9533

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