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Are you paying high prices for Intermec scanning equipment?? Data ID has Intermec and other compatible scanners and printers that plug into PC clients running SoftMed Medical Management Software and other well known software packages. We are budget friendly and provide reliable, rugged state-of-the-art data capture equipment.

Is your budget about to explode? Do you need more scanners for another wing of the hospital? Is it time to replace old technology with new more reliable and dependable scanners? Data ID Systems provides solutions that fit naturally into your health care information systems plans. Automating medical records management and transcription, we provide more reliable solutions at competitive prices to fit your budget. We offer keyboard wedge scanners which have proven to be very effective tracking medical records and specimens. We offer several models to choose from. Your department also has the option of using cordless scanning ..... with coverage ranging from 30 to several hundred feet!

We will also support your bar code printing needs by providing thermal transfer printers which are both rugged and dependable. A wide variety of labels and ribbons are available at competitive prices.

Typical uses for scanning equipment

Drug Checks and Balances: Before dispensing medication, pharmacy technicians use a pen-based terminal to scan the drug wholesaler's bar-coded unit dose and the patient's bar-coded identification bracelet. Data are checked against the patient's online medication profile. The three-way match aims to avoid mistakes. Get your scanners from us.

Lab Safety Net: Built-in error-correction for damaged data is critical in healthcare applications such as clinical testing. Before lab technicians take test samples, they scan the patient's bar code identification and the sample container's as well. Logged in the patient's online file, the time-stamped test information prevents duplicate testing. The lab avoids mix-ups because the bar-coded sample and test information stays together.

Mobile Respiratory Care: Respiratory emergencies happen swiftly. Technology makes remote operation of lifesaving respiratory equipment possible. Equipment makers embed scan engines and Spectrum24® circuitry into monitors and other medical devices. Even when respiratory technicians travel around the hospital, they remain in constant touch with patients and care.

More Profit from Efficient Processes

Move supplies through the pipeline

Automate pick-pack-ship: Data ID has a mobile computer or portable scanner for every task. Portable scanners keep workers' hands free and boost accuracy and efficiency. Bar Code scanners make it easy to scan supplies on high shelves. Lightweight terminals automate replenishment and stand up to warehouse environments. Package Tracker©

Manage inventory: Medical distributors use the versatile SPT 1550 or SPT 1800 based on the Palm Computing® platform and the power of bar code scanning to verify orders, track inventory and automate many other customer inventory management tasks. Asset Manager©

Whatever your application, we can save your organization both time and money. Inquire about our special pricing offered through the end of August.


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