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Glossary of Warehouse Terms

Advance Ship Notice.  An EDI transaction sent ahead of the shipment listing its contents and shipping information.
Automatic Storage and Retrieval System. Automated, robotic system for storing and retrieving items in a warehouse.
Batch Picking
Warehousing process in which goods are selected byorder.   pickers in quantities to satisfy the demand for more than one Goods are first picked by SKU, and later sorted by order or delivery address.
Bill of Lading.transport or   Document used to acknowledge receipt of goods; may also be used to serve as a contract for the cargo.
The external commercial entity responsible for transporting a shipment.  Carriers may specialize in small packages, LTL (less-than-truckload), full truckloads (TL), rail, air, or sea.
Cross Docking
An efficient distribution approach in which merchandise isdock to pre-packed by the store and moved directly from the receiving the shipping dock.  Eliminates the need to place inventory in storage.
Continuous Replenishment Programs. goods,   Placing suppliers in charge of replenishing retailer's inventories of supplier's usually yielding lower inventory investments and higher turns.
Cycle Counts
A way of physically counting/verifying inventory levels inmethods. 
Distribution Center.
Distribution Requirements Planning
Determining the inventory needed in warehouses to meet service.   It anticipated demand over time at a given level of customer is used for inventory management and as a feed for MRP.
On-Line Transaction Processing.   A class of systems that efficiently handle immediately acquired active data, such as production data, orders being processed, etc.
Order Lead Time
Time from a receipt of an order for a a product through picking and delivery to a customer.
Parcel Manifest System
Automated shipping system.
In distribution, the movement of received goods to a storage area.  It can involve intermediate staging.
Random-Location Storage
In warehouses, a storage technique in which receivedspace material is put away in any available space rather than  a specific decided to logical criteria.
Wave Picking
A method of picking goods in a DC in a series of waves,congestion. generally to minimize the waiting time, or reduce DC traffic
Warehouse Information Network Standard.(Uniforms   EDI standard used in the warehouse industry and compatible with UCS Communications Standard).
Warehouse Management System.warehouses;   A management information system that manages and controls one or more often includes automated equipment and links to host computer.  Also called DC/WMS.

This information reproduced from the Sept./Oct. 1998 issue of Data Capture Reseller Magazine, p18.

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