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InteCheckMate Inventory Tracking Software for Windows

Key Uses

  • Picking
  • Quality Control
  • Perpetual Inventory
  • Paperless Receiving 
  • Put-away
For smaller warehouses, Data ID Systems recommends the CheckMate Inventory module. CheckMate is a great solution because it's easy to use, matches the data collection programs that run on the Palm OS and Intermec units, and is very reasonably priced.

Ideal for small to mid-sized warehouses, the CheckMate Inventory module effectively maintains your inventory with physical inventory and cycle counting capabilities. Powerful utilities, such as a move and edit feature, allow you to keep up with the demanding pace of a warehouse environment. Use the built-in reports and queries to monitor and manage your inventory.

  • Excellent inventory software at prices you can afford.
  • You can use CheckMate inventory tracking software to track anything, from office supplies to electronic spare parts.
  • Data collection with Palm OS® or Intermec.
  • Create and print bar codes corresponding to your part numbers or use the manufacturer's UPC codes already on many items.
  • Location bar codes can represent freezers, shelves, rooms, bins, containers, or a particular container on a particular shelf in a particular room.
  • Data collection can take place at a PC, or at many stations on a LAN, or everywhere using a battery powered portable bar code reader.
Minimum system requirements:

Pentium PC
CD ROM drive
100 MB hard drive space
Windows 98 or later




Features include:
  • All common data collection processes
    • ISSUE
  • Discrepancy reporting
  • Complete audit trail
  • Reorder report
  • Multiple key cross reference
  • Key word search
  • FIFO tracking

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