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P 300 Accessories
IntelliStand for Phaser

IntelliStand for Phaser turns any decoded Phaser*, into a hands-free scanning system. The IntelliStand is easy to use – just place the scanner in the IntelliStand and the scan line is displayed as long as the scanner is in the stand. There's no need to trigger the scanner for operation. Remove the scanner from the IntelliStand and it reverts to a handheld bar code scanner. The IntelliStand is a perfect accessory for mixed environments -- use the scanner in the IntelliStand for small items and boxes. Remove it and use it in the handheld mode for scanning bulky items. The IntelliStand Series occupies a minimum of counter space.

* The P300IMG does not work with the IntelliStand due to a different technology used for reading bar codes.

V-shaped Multi-Position Holder

This rugged holder provides a number of mounting options for Phaser scanners. The stand can rest un-mounted on a countertop or be secured with screws. Its design also permits mounting on wall, forklift or against the side of the counter. The V-shaped multi-position stand is constructed of aluminum and has a rubber overcoat to protect the scanner.

Desk Mount Stand

The Phaser tabletop holder provides a convenient resting place for the scanner. It offers an attractive molded plastic design. Mounting hole and a screw are provided so that the holder can be secured.

Reversible Belt Clip/Holster

The belt clip/holster gives Phaser users a means of storing the scanner in portable applications. It is reversible so that it's equally convenient for a right-handed or left-handed operator. The scan head is held in the holster, leaving the handle free for quick access.

Retractable Pulley

The retractable pulley gives the Phaser users a convenient option to hang the scanner from ceiling or forklift. Corded Phasers (P300STD, FZY, PRO and IMG) have a built-in mounting hook for attachment to the pulley. Cordless and memory Phasers need to use a scanner harness with mounting hook to attach to the pulley.

Rugged Scanner Holder

This holder was designed specifically for use with all Phaser industrial scanners in forklift applications. It can be mounted on the forklift in a number of different ways and two adjustable joints allow the user to position the holder in the most ergonomic way. Its design also permits mounting on a wall, table or against the side of the counter. The industrial holder for forklifts is made of steel with an inserted fabric sleeve to protect your Phaser scanner.

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