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Omni-Directional 2D Imager   The Datalogic Lynx is the latest addition to the Datalogic 2D scanning family. The Lynx is available in both standard and high-resolution modes, allowing perfect scans of linear barcodes as well as image capture for signatures and OCR needs. A five-point aimer lets the user know precisely where the scanner is aimed, eliminating the need for second or third scans. The Lynx is available in USB, RS232 and keyboard wedge configurations.

  • Omni-Directional scanning
  • Support most popular 1D, 2D, Stacked and Postal codes
  • Autodiscrimination of linear and 2D codes
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Symbol M2004 Cyclone Scanner - Order KIT-02004-001
A smart investment, this innovative new scanner is future-ready now. The Cyclone scanner decodes existing, new and emerging bar code symbologies instantly. The Cyclone scanner is packed with features that deliver optimum flexibility including next generation scanning technology. Large merchandise or small, single or multiple bar code types, it handles it all. Versatility plus remarkable ease of use and adaptability make the Adaptive "Cyclone" Scanner Series a standout for bar code scanning at point of sale. Complete PS/2 keyboard wedge kit.
  • As good looking as it is practical
  • Revolutionary user-selectable scan pattern
  • Hands-free scanning or handheld scanning
List Price: $1575.00
Web Special: $649.00
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Symbol LS 9208 - Order KIT-09208-001 or KIT-09208-002
The LS 9208 presentation scanner, from Symbol Technologies, delivers both a high-performance processor and an innovative 100-line rastering omnidirectional scan pattern for increased productivity at checkout, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. Built for both speed and versatility, the LS 9208 features a small footprint, choice of colors and an optional, adjustable multimount stand that is easily adaptable to many point-of-sale environments. All units feature a 3 year warranty. We include FREE PROGRAMMING.
  • Hands-Free/Hand-Held Scanning Capability
  • Integrated antenna saves valuable counter space
  • Flexible host connectivity protects your hardware investment
LS 9208 Wedge Kit Order KIT-09208-001 $389.00
LS 9208 USB Kit Order KIT-09208-002 $382.00

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Metrologic Orbit - Order KIT-07120-001
Designed for applications where counter space is at a premium, Orbit is the ideal presentation scanner for retail, convenience, liquor and specialty stores. In addition, Orbit's unique, contoured shape allows it to be picked up and used as a hand-held when scanning large bulky items.
  • Fully automatic scanning operation
  • 7 beeper tones
  • Programmable depth of field
List Price: $1000.00
Web Special: $510.00
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Metrologic MS9540 - Order KIT-09540-001
Voyager Handheld Bar Code Scanner Complete Keyboard Wedge Kit
MS9500 Series Voyager has been cleared for takeoff! With a futuristic design and advanced scanning system, Voyager is the most advanced single-line, hand-held bar code scanner on the market today.

The Voyager MS9540 features Metrologic’s proprietary CodeGate technology. CodeGate is an intuitive scanning system that is ideal for all scanning applications, including menu-scanning, Point-of-Sale, document processing, and inventory, just to name a few.

  • Equipped with both In-Stand and Out-of-Stand operation
  • Packed with all of the same features as the MS9540, with the exception of CodeGate
  • Great looks, Top Performance... Voyager and VoyagerCG have it all!
List Price: $565.00
Web Special: $187.00
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Metrologic MS6720 - Order KIT-06720-001
Metrologic's MS6720 is the first laser bar code scanner to truly bridge the gap between omnidirectional fixed projection and hand-held scanners. With this design, Metrologic has engineered a scanner that transcends any other on the market today. Complete keyboard wedge kit.
  • Superior ergonomics
  • Easy programming
  • Concentrated omnidirectional scan pattern
List Price: $920.00
Web Special: $469.00
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PSC Duet - Order KIT-43301-001
With the Duet scanner, retailers can now scan anything at the point-of-sale: Retailers can enjoy speedier checkouts and increased accuracy of "scanned" data. Most items are simply presented to or swept by the scanner. Duet's unique Targeted Handheld capability eliminates the need to manually key items without barcodes, such as unpackaged or specialty products. Complete keyboard wedge kit.
  • Small footprint
  • Hands-free scanning or handheld scanning
  • Modular, interchangeable interfaces
List Price: $1205.00
Web Special: $680.00
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LS 6000 Omni- Directional Scanner Series - Order KIT-06004-001
The LS 6000 Omni-Directional Scanner Series combines the superior ergonomics and single-line capabilities of the small "point-and-shoot" hand-held scanners with the productivity benefits of high-performance "can't miss-first pass" omni-directional scan pattern. The result is an aggressive, yet versatile, hand-held scanner that increases throughput at point of sale for high-volume retail applications.
  • Programmable Trigger Control
  • Advanced Data Formatting
  • Multifunctional Omni-Directional and Single-Line Bar Code Scanning
List Price: $990.00
Web Special: $508.00
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QuickScan® VS800 - Compact Scanner - Order KIT-VS800-001
Premium Performance and Reliability That You Can Afford The VS800 compact scanner was designed specifically for point of sale, where space is always at a premium and where scanner performance is a critical component of efficiency and success.
  • Multiple mounting options - positions scanner out of the way
  • Standard POS interfaces - connectivity to most systems
  • EAS deactivation option - one step scanning and EAS deactivation
List Price: $1055.00
Web Special: $614.00
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Datalogic DLL2020 Diamond
Omni-Directional On-Counter Laser Scanner - The advanced technology applied to this compact scanner provides major benefits in reading performance and guarantees the highest "First-Pass" decoding rate. The ergonomics and ease of use are enhanced by the built-in protecting sleeve, which protects the unit from shocks and prevents possible drops from the counter thanks to the Antiskid feature.
  • Compactness
  • Integrated Protecting Sleeve
  • Connectivity to POS Systems
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