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Bumpy Dot-Peen Marker (Mecco Model SP-202)

The Dot-Peen Marker produces Bumpy Bar Codes as well as corresponding alphanumeric characters and data matrix. The system is a dual-pin, pneumatic and employs a keyboard or RS232 data input.

It will perform as a portable, stationary or work cell component. It is distinctive in that it produces both PosiCode Bumpy Bar Codes and 2-D Data Matrix marks.

It permanently marks a wide variety of materials including metal, wood, plastics, carbon and composites. Flat, convex and concave surfaces can be marked. The Dot-Peen Marker consists of a computer-control center with data input terminal, dot-matrix marking head and two DC linear actuators, which provide X and Y motion. The marking head has a bar code pin that ends in an elongated point and an alphanumeric pin that terminates in a point for imprinting a dot. Pins are driven in the marking area (1-1/4" x 3"), and produce clear, distortion-free marks. Available as bench model, portable and U-style for in-line mounting.

Bar Code Labeling and Marking in Hazardous Environments - ID Systems Magazine Article (Supply Chain Systems)


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