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Hand Held Imageteam 4410 HD/HD10 - KIT-04410-002 List Price: $1195.00 - Special Web Price: $720.00 - Visa, Master Card Only Sales Contact

Hand Held 2D Image Readers

The Hand Held Products' IMAGETEAM (IT) 4410 High Density Image Reader is a hand held input device for reading and decoding two dimensional (2D) symbologies. The IT4410 offers integrated support for Matrix, stacked linear, and conventional linear bar codes, as well as a single line of OCR-A and OCR-B fonts. Multi-line OCR applications can also be read. The IT4410 is designed for reading high density matrix symbols. The IT4410 has the power to capture and download images to a PC for applications, such as signature capture, PC-based decoding, and image lift requirements.

Lightweight, balanced, and easy to use, the IT4410 can be used in repetitive, high volume hand scanning operations in even the most demanding environments. the IT4410 can be configured for keyboard wedge, Non Decoded Laser Output (Code 128 emulation), TTL, or True RS232. The IT4410 connects to all popular PCs and portable data terminals. The Non Decoded Laser Output mode can be used with external wedge decoders and portable terminals or other devices without 2D decoding capability. The IT4410 can be integrated with all types of customer systems.

The IT4410 features integrated processing for a one-piece scanning solution no additional boxes or electronics needed.

The reader provides Omni-directional and auto-discrimination decoding for symbologies, such as MaxiCode, PDF417, QR, Data Matrix, Aztec code, RSS code, composite codes, postal codes, Code 39, Code 93, Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar, Code 128, UPC, and EAN. Additional symbologies will be added based on market demand.

Because the IT4410 is a fixed focus device, four product models with different focal points are available. Two high density scanners are available: IT4410HD and IT4410HD10. The IT4410HD, with a focal point of 2 inches, is recommended when the matrix symbols are less than 10mil. The IT4410HD10 is recommended for applications when the matrix codes are greater than 10mil. This version, with a focal point of 3 inches, maximizes the depth of field on 10 mil matrix codes, which directly correlates to greater functionality by the end user. The long range (LR/LX) models of the IT4410 are highlighted in a separate data sheet.

Features & Benefits
  • Supports all popular 2D symbologies IT4410 supports all popular matrix and stacked linear symbologies: MaxiCode, Data Matrix, QR, and PDF417. Additional symbologies will be added as emerging codes are approved by AIM.
  • Hand Held Products Video Imaging Technology - Hand Held Products' over 20 years experience in developing video-based instruments for medical and industrial inspection is brought to 2D data collection systems
  • Hand Held Reader - Opens up new 2D bar code and image capture possibilities in portable hand held and fixed scanning applications
  • Omni-directional scanning - The video technology basis for the IT4410 means it can offer Omni-directional scanning, even on linear codes,greatly simplifying operator training and increasing productivity
  • Aiming- The IT4410 has a bright, intuitive aiming line
  • Autodiscriminates between supported symbologies and fonts - Reads all major linear, stacked linear, and matrix bar codes, as well as machine readable fonts used in Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

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