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Bar Code EasyWand

The Bar Code EasyWand is an easy and economical way to add the power of bar code to your PC or laptop computer. Just load the easy-to-install software and plug the steel wand into your computer's serial port, and in minutes you can begin scanning. It's that easy! Scanned information looks like keyboard-entered data to your existing software applications, while your keyboard remains fully active.

Once you've installed the Bar Code EasyWand you can use it with any DOS, Windows or Macintosh program. This includes databases, word processing, and custom application software. It reads the most popular bar code types, including UPC and Code 39. You can read a variety of bar code densities, including dot-matrix-printed bar codes, under a wide range of office and industrial conditions -- even in direct sunlight!

As a terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR) device, the Bar Code EasyWand runs in the background while you work in other applications. It offers you all the advantages of a traditional keyboard "wedge" decoder -- full keyboard support, power from the host computer, and user-defined parameters -- without the restrictions and expense of a decoder box and cables.

Bar Code EasyWand will save you time and money. Take advantage of the benefits of bar coding today with the Bar Code EasyWand.


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