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Intellitrack Stockroom


  • Stockrooms 
  • Supply Rooms 
  • Central Stores 
  • Maintenance Parts 
  • Raw Materials 
  • Lab Supplies 


  • Track Issues & Receipts
  • Manage Consumable Stock
  • Take Physical Inventories

Stock Room Tracking for tracking raw materials, lab supplies, office supplies


A cost-effective solution for managing your stock room

Manage consumable inventories with the IntelliTrack® StockRoom module. StockRoom allows you to issue and receive items to and from individual employees and departments, giving you the ability to track item usage and billing information. Use the powerful usage and billing reports to identify inventory trends, giving you better capabilities to manage your inventory.

IntelliTrack® StockRoom comes with these standard reports:

  • History by Item
  • Inventory by Category
  • Inventory by Lots/Expiration Dates
  • Inventory by Location
  • Inventory Item Summary
  • Inventory Item Detail
  • Reorder
  • Inventory with Pictures
  • Inventory, Negative Quantity
  • Issue Number
  • Issue Transactions
  • Overstock Summary
  • Receipt Number
  • Receipt Transactions
  • Reconciliation


  • Quickly and easily track inventory in stockrooms & supply rooms. 
  • Integration - a wide variety of import and export file formats in Access allows easy integration with other systems.
  • Accuracy - bar code data collection virtually eliminates data input errors.
  • Speed - bar code data collection speeds up inventory process by 300% or more.

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