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Hand-held and batch-fed Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Reaching speeds of over 200 characters per second, Caere OCR readers utilize state-of-the-art feature extraction and neural network-based recognition technologies to achieve accuracy rates over 99.9975%, or one character misread in 40,000. However, most customers use our automatic check digit validation to achieve error rates of fewer than one in 3,000,000 characters. Humans err one in 300!

Imager OCRsl -- Single Line OCR Software for Digital Cameras
Imager OCRsl™ is OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software designed specifically to enable digital cameras to read a single line of characters and bar codes.
5000 Series OCR Line Reader
The 5000 Series OCR Readers are among the most versatile data entry tools available. As a low-cost alternative to keyboard data entry, these character readers help avoid payment processing delays, data entry errors, and repetitive stress injuries.
Model 5911 - Compact OEM OCR Controller Board & Read Head
Measuring only 4 x 4 inches, this OCR controller is designed to fit into applications where OEM's want to build Caere's OCR into their own enclosures. The scanner can be located up to 3 feet from the controller, and the output is TTL level RS-232. This product is available off-the-shelf for prototyping and can be easily modified to fit virtually any situation.
800 Series - OCR Controller
This compact controller has two microprocessors built in to support the hand-held wand or slot reader. It can be user programmed on-screen or by menu, and interfaces via dual port RS-232 or to over 350 keyboards via wedge interface. It has three input ports for OCR, Bar Code and Magnetic Stripe as well as support for RS-232 devices such as scales and PDT's. Reads three OCR fonts, all linear bar codes, PostNET, and dual magstripe, all with Advanced Data Editing. Used with the Hand Held OCR Wand. Weighing only 4.5 ounces, this little wand can scan over 200 characters per second of OCR as well as bar code and PostNET. It scans bidirectionally, from 4 to 20 inches per second, and is ideal for selective scanning from forms, lists, or labels. It is also the right choice when scanning a variety of remittance bills where the scan height is not consistent from bill to bill. Used with either the 833 or 840 controller.
840 PC Add-in Card
This controller saves time, money, and space! It is a keyboard wedge interface for ISA-bus PCs. It only draws power from the bus, so there are no software drivers. It has nearly all the features of the 833, but with the convenience of no footprint. It will support the OCR/Bar Code wand and slot reader as well as magnetic stripe readers.
Model 2000 (batch reader)
This desktop batch reader/sorter scans up to 4,000 OCR and bar code documents per hour and sorts to two bins. It is truly a breakthrough in batch reading with its mini 7 x 21 inch footprint and no-software interface via keyboard wedge. It contains three microprocessors that keep the paper flowing smoothly and the data formatted to fit any existing application. Has self-directed and host-directed operation modes.
Check Reader -- Motorized MICR (E-13B) & CMC-7 Reader
The Caere Check Reader is a low cost input device for Caere OCR and bar code readers. The Check Reader uses a magnetic head to perform magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) on both ANSI standard E-13B and CMC-7 bank checks. Caere's OCR readers for remittance invoices teamed with the Check Reader make a perfect pair for remittance processing applications. Additionally, the Check Reader formats hundreds of MICR line field formats into a single consistent line.
1200 Series -- Travel Document Reader
Using our latest Quadratic Neural Network OCR technology, this compact Travel Document Reader scans Passports, Visas, and Identity Cards per ICAO 9303, the international specification for these documents. The scanner is only 8 x 3 inches and can be wall mounted for zero footprint. Additional auxillary input ports for biometric or bar code scanners make this unit very versatile.

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