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Introducing the first palm-size printer for Palm Computing® Palm III Series and Symbol® SPT 1550 computers.
  • Ergonomic design-fits easily in the palm of the hand
  • Less than 16 ounces-lightweight and easy to handle
  • Thermal direct printing-clear, crisp 2" x 8" receipts at one inch per second
  • Prints bar code, alphanumeric data and graphics
  • Four AA batteries-prints 150 4" long receipts without changing batteries

The Palm Handheld Printer is small and light enough to be used comfortably in a handheld operation, and it prints bar codes and text with high-quality print resolution. The Palm printer offers tremendous gains in productivity and accuracy over handwriting forms, receipts, or prescriptions.

Data ID has a bar code-based data-collection solution that performs in the real world. Please call us today at 800-632-8243 for more information so we can work with you as you plan your bar code-based solution. Data ID Systems will help you successfully implement your solution. We have many years of experience. We support our products with an unwavering commitment to professional services. You may also be interested in the Palm-size printer for the SPT 1800.

PalmPrint Software needed to use the Palm-size printer. How to buy.


Home-Based Businesses

No more handwritten sales receipts at home parties! When combined with a handheld organizer, the Palm printer gives sales representatives the ability to scan bar coded products, print receipts, take orders electronically and upload to a computer at a later time. The benefits are timesavings, improved accuracy and better customer service.

Some examples of home-based businesses include:

  • Home Cosmetics Sales
  • Home Product Distributors
  • Home Cooking Product Shows
  • Route Delivery

Route drivers deliver everything from snacks and cakes to beverages and tobacco products. Each customer requires a receipt for payment and each transaction requires data to update the system. The Palm printer is the ideal solution.

Examples of route delivery applications include:

  • Bread delivery
  • Beverage distributors
  • Produce delivery
  • Tobacco delivery
  • Furniture delivery
  • Home Repair Services

The Palm printer is perfect for service repair personnel who may want the dual benefits of scanning bar coded parts for updating inventory while printing a receipt for the customer at the point-of-service.

Examples of home repair and maintenance services include:

  • Appliance Repair Companies
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Window installers
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Companies
  • Lawn and Landscaping Providers
  • Insecticide Service Providers
  • Healthcare Prescriptions and Lab Instructions

Thousands of physicians are using handheld organizers. Add the scanning capabilities of the organizer and the printing convenience of the Palm printer, and you have a powerful device that scans bar coded prescription labels, prints prescriptions and produces lab test instruction tickets.

Remote Parking Receipts

The Palm printer, combined with the Palm Computing® connected organizers, makes it easy for remote parking lot attendants to keep track of parking sales while issuing payment receipts with lot locations.

Fine and Ticket Issuing

The Palm printer is an easy way for traffic and security officers to issue fines or tickets for illegally parked vehicles. In many cases, VIN numbers can be scanned from the windshield for tracking purposes, and parking tickets can be printed right on the spot.

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