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PDT 6800 Series Portable Data Terminals

Portable and Rugged Terminals for Scan-Intensive Applications

The PDT 6800 Series are rugged, lightweight, portable data terminals combining mobile computing and optional wireless communications with comfortable, well- balanced, "forward-scanning" ergonomics. Designed for harsh environments, the PDT 6800 is excellent for industrial markets such as transportation and distribution, yet small enough for scan-intensive applications in retail, such as inventory management and replenishment, price management and receiving.

Building on the legacy of the popular Laser Data and Laser Radio Terminals, this single-handed productivity tool offers a spacious 35- or 46-key alphanumeric keypad, internally mounted radio antenna, and your choice of standard, long-range or high-visibility scanning options.

Communications options include both Spectrum24® and Spectrum One® wireless LAN connectivity for real-time high-performance data transfer. Or, choose batch communications with an extended memory option for on site processing and quick uploading/downloading to your PC. Additionally, the PDT 6800 was specifically designed to make full use of existing LRT/LDT cradles and peripherals, providing a total system solution without the added cost of changing the accessories.



Key Benefits

Year 2000 Compliance
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PDT 6800 Series Portable Data Terminals
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