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Inventory data-management software designed to maintain inventory in a variety of business environments.  This user-friendly inventory-tracking system combines state-of-the-art bar code data collection on your portable, with a sophisticated Windows-based data-management program for your PC.

Solution Software Modules

IntelliTrack data management software is designed to maintain inventory in a variety of business environments. This user-friendly inventory tracking system combines state-of-the-art bar code data collection on your portable data terminal, with a sophisticated Windows® -based inventory management program for your PC.

The IntelliTrack suite of products offers a relational database to ensure data integrity, portable bar code reader integration to maximize data collection efficiency, and bar code label printing capabilities to improve data collection accuracy.

The IntelliTrack product line was created using the Microsoft® Access development environment. IntelliTrack 32-bit was developed using Access 97, and IntelliTrack 16-bit was developed with Access 2.0. Each IntelliTrack module contains the source code and, since Microsoft Access is one of the most popular development tools, you can easily customize your IntelliTrack module to meet your specific requirements.

Choose the IntelliTrack module that works best for you—Inventory, Shipping/Receiving, Fixed Assets, StockRoom, ToolRoom, or Check In/Out.

Data ID is a leader in providing businesses with data collection and inventory management tools designed to reduce costs and increase productivity. Our complete line of bar code hardware and software products are sold nationwide and in Europe.

Each IntelliTrack software module includes an integrated portable data collection application for the Percon FalconTM, TopGunTM , and PT 2000TM portable data terminals. Portable data collection applications allow you to perform many of the same functions found in the IntelliTrack application for your PC, such as physical inventories, moving and tracking items, shipping or receiving orders, and more.

Available in 32- and 16-bit
To meet the needs of users working in a Windows 3.x environment, IntelliTrack is available in a 16-bit version. IntelliTrack is also available in a 32-bit version for those users who want to take advantage of Windows 95 or Windows NT® and the newer Access 97 development environment.
Embedded Graphics
Each IntelliTrack product allows you to store a picture with an item definition. This feature allows a user to verify an item visually. This is especially helpful, for example, when a user might be checking out an unusual tool, verifying an asset, or identifying kits.
While IntelliTrack will meet most users' requirements, situations may arise when you need to add features to IntelliTrack. Since you receive the IntelliTrack source code with each product, you can make customizations such as adding a new report or even adding new forms with special processing capabilities.Bar Code Printing Integrated bar code printing allows you to label your inventory and locations quickly and easily based on the data contained in your IntelliTrack application. Portable data terminal support and bar code labels maximize data accuracy and efficiency when collecting inventory information.
Easy to Use
IntelliTrack is a user-friendly Windows application. Easy menu navigation allows you to quickly perform common inventory tasks. Because it is a Windows application, IntelliTrack's user interface will be familiar to anyone who is accustomed to working in this environment.
Service and Support
Percon offers free technical support for IntelliTrack software for 30 days from the date of the first call to Percon Technical Support. Free technical support includes support on standard, non-customized IntelliTrack software.

A one-year maintenance agreement is available and includes technical support, free maintenance releases, notification of major upgrades, and free upgrades. The one-year maintenance agreement is renewable annually.

We have seven products in the IntelliTrack product line: Inventory, Shipping, Receiving, StockRoom, Fixed Assets, Tool Room, and Check In/Out.

Program Generators

Universal Program Generator (UPG)
UPG is an open-architecture, 32-bit Windows®-based portable application generator that creates `C´-based programs for DOS-based portable terminals like the Falcon 310/315 and Falcon 320/325.


PSC Program Generator (PPG)
PPG is a Windows-based application generator with a graphical user interface that allows you to design customized data-collection programs for Percon PT 2000 and TopGun portables. After you create your program, just install it on your portable. When that's done, you are ready to collect data.






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